Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jan 7

no proper powerflow from 2 days..i made some stuff which i cannot show currently but do in future in my other blog The Experiment Shop. Til then enjoy my not so nice watercolour i did from a 12 colour portable kit from sakura :D if you see my old post(i using wc's after an year) i usually end up making architectural or landscape thumbnails.i stil hav to learn to use watercolours properly :) any basic beginner tips would be great


  1. Hello and Happy New Year from California,

    I was reading some of your blog when I came across this rather recent post of yours and thought I might be able to at least share a site that offers some great free video tutorials. The instructor Bob Davies also has a very nice and very simple set of DVD's that are low cost which go into further instruction on the use of watercolors, but his free tutorials are really helpful and I think you might find helpful....

    I hope you find them helpful,

  2. thanks greg its a wonderful link.i hope i learn some new things :D